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Campsite FAQ

1. May I know more about Zen Forest?
Zen Forest is located at Karak, Pahang, a 1.5 hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. Zen Forest is a 180-acre private land. It is forested hill.
The 1st level of Zen Forest: Rive
rside Campsitesresort, river, parking area; 
2nd level: Waterfall Campsite, waterfall & stream;
3rd level: Summit Campsites and summit platform (sunrise viewing).
The distance between the 1st & 2nd level is 1.3km. Hiking 35mins; driving 6 mins;
The distance between the 2nd & 3rd level is 800m. Hiking 20mins; driving 4mins.

2. Where is Zen Forest waterfall campsite located?
Zen Forest waterfall campsite is located at the second level of Zen Forest's forest hill.

3. What is the campsites rate (start from 01.01.2023)?
The rates per night per pax are as follows:
2yo and below - Free
3yo to 12yo - RM50
13yo and above - RM80

This rate includes FREE breakfast, transportation within Zen Forest & firewood.

4. Do you rent tents?
We don't provide tents currently. 

5. Can I reach the campsite by normal car?
Normal car may park near the main entrance (first level of Zen Forest). Our pickup truck will come and pick up campers & their belongings to the campsite. Campers who have 4x4 or SUV may access the campsite by following the direction boards we have placed from the main entrance of Zen Forest to the campsite.

6. How much is the 4x4 transportation service charge (start from 01.01.2023)?
The transportation charge within Zen Forest is FOC. 

7. Any network coverage in Zen Forest?
Yes. Maxis, Celcom, Digi & U Mobile can access 4G network.

8. Is there any plug points?
Yes. Plug points are available at every campsite.

9. Can we check in earlier?
Campers may enter Zen Forest during check-in time. Please allow us some time to clean the campsite.

10. What are the available dates & where can I make the booking?
Please WhatsApp us for more info:

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