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Activities for campers

There are plenty of activities available for campers to explore and learn while camping at Zen Forest!



8 mins jungle trekking 


from Waterfall Campsite



25mins hike ; 4mins drive


from Waterfall Campsite




35mins hike; 6mins drive


from Waterfall Campsite


Zen Forest Waterfall is just located 8-minutes walk away from waterfall campsite. Before 6.30 am, campers may bring your drinking water, kettle and portable gas stove to Zen Forest Summit and enjoy our complimentary breakfast while watching the sunrise. When the day is hot, campers may visit the river to refresh and chill by the river.


Stream trekking

Tour-guided activity

(40 minutes trek from stream to waterfall)

RM10 / pax

Pure Kelulut Honey.jpg

Pure Kelulut honey tasting experience

Tour-guided activity

RM10 / syringe

palm oil harvesting experience activity.jpg

Palm oil harvesting & rubber tapping experience

Tour-guided activity

RM10 / pax

For campers who love adventure, don't miss the challenging stream trekking towards waterfall activity. The stream is mysterious enough to attract your sensory inputs. You can see many different kinds of wild plants and insects in this area. 

Want to taste something sweet and sour? Come and visit Zen Forest Organic Farm! Roselles, passion fruits and pure Kelulut honey are available here. We harvest the honey straight in front of our guests. You may taste the freshly harvested honey on the spot. 

Eager to share new knowledge with friends and family before returning to city? Join the palm oil harvesting and rubber tapping experience activities! The tour guide will demonstrate and explain the process of harvesting palm oil and rubber. You can try it on yourselves too! 

Organic Farm harvesting

Tour-guided activity

Per kg

ATV activity.jpg


Tour-guided activity

(ATV available when Zen Forest resort is vacant)

RM100 / ATV / hour

bicycle at resort.jpg


(Bicycle available when Zen Forest resort is vacant)

RM10 / bicycle / hour

Need something exciting? We have 2 All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and bicycles ready to rent when the villa is vacant. 

*Campers may contact us to book the paid activity at least two days before arrival at Zen Forest.

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