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Magnified Grass

Experience the Time of Your Life

Zen Forest ATV
Zen Forest Organic Farm


Just a 1-minute walk away from the villa, you can find the beautiful river that flows through boulders and pebbles. Step into the fine sand at the river to feel the cool river water flowing through your body which relaxes and cleanses your mind. Along the river you can find fine sand and coarse sand at different areas in the river which can be used for sand spa to exfoliate your skin. There is also a diving platform for the adventurous souls to take a dive into the river.


  • Swing by the river

  • River activities

  • River tubing

  • Stroll along the river

  • Tree climbing

  • Hammock

  • Void netting

  • Board games

  • Sunrise viewing at Zen Forest Summit

  • BBQ 

  • Rubber tapping experience

  • Palm oil harvesting experience

  • Waterfall visitng

  • Stream trekking

  • Harvest at Zen Forest Organics Farm

  • Fresh & pure Kelulut honey tasting experience (*fees applicable)

  • ATV ride (*fees applicable)
  • Bicycle ride (*fees applicable)

Sunrise Viewing

Wake up early and reward yourselves with the 360° sunrise view overseeing forested mountains and sea of mists. That moment when the sky and the mountains are painted in golden orange hues has taken countless breaths away.

Organic Farm Harvesting

Just a stone's throw away from the villa, seasonal organic fruits such as passion fruits, papayas and bananas are free for you to pick. An activity that is not only educational, but exciting especially for city kids, you can keep them busy for hours! Enjoy the fresh and nutritious meal with your loved ones.

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